Tuesday, May 30, 2006

computer drawing

I found a link to www.zefrank.com/scribbler/ What fun!Try it out!
Here is a couple of ATCs I created with "the scribbler" for swapping.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

shrinky dink doll

After reading a post by a nevousness member, I got interested in using shrinkable plastic -- also known as shrinky dinks.
I had a little trouble at first, but here is my completed art doll shrinky!

Night fairy in the city (unfinished)


Saturday, May 27, 2006

textured nude ATCs

This is a little study I did just for my own collection -- I "saw" where the nude was hidden amongst the texture. Turned out nice...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mama's art

" Pumuckel"

My Mom, Helga, was a very talented doll maker.
When I was little, I had the most amazing dolls and stuffed animals, all hand made by her.

She passed away last year. It still is unfathomable that she is not here anymore. I want every single thing that she ever made. It's not possible -- I live here, and she lived in
Germany. And she made so many, many things. But I have some of them, and will get a few more over here with time. I'd like to share the images of some of her work, and tell the world what a creative talented person she was.

This is "Pan"on the bottom -- she molded and painted hands, feet and face herself, sewed the body and clothing and made the flute.
The red head is "Pumuckel," based on a popular children's book character, using those same techniques. Sometimes I wonder if he does not double as my muse. ::: giggle:::
If you want to see more of Mama's art, check my blog "Helga". I will be posting things there from time to time.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

finished art doll ATCs

Here are the finished little art dolls for the ATC swap! They are little dryads -- tree spirits.
I had fun with that! I ended up jointing them with brads instead of string, I just couldn't get the knot where I needed it without damaging the little doll. That made them much more chunky than I intended, but I learned some things about working so small.
Off they go in the mail; hope they will be enjoyed.

artspace window in the early morning

Speaks for itself...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

digital self portrait

Since I couldn't get it to upload into my profile...
It looks good here, too. I love my digital camera!

New box of oil pastels!

A while ago, my puppy ate most of my box of water soluble oil pastels -- a medium I worked with often. I was sad about loosing them -- although the "output" at the other end of the puppy was quite colorful and hilarious. I couldn't find any to replace these with. I worked with other mediums instead. Good thing!
Yesterday, I found a box of these exact same oil pastels at a store.
I opened the box, and there are all those lovely colors, pristine, with sharp points, clean, the smell of wax... and for a flash of a moment, I was in grade school, getting a new box of crayons. :::happy sigh:::

Here you can see the ferrouscious crayon eater, Fiona.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I entered an ATC swap called "I do, I do" for artella -- Here are my entries: all 5 cards, one detail, and guess who's the bride? (that's not getting entered.)
I used paper, collage materials, and an old bra that the pup ate a hole into (nothing goes to waste around here or: life is art!), and enormous quantities of glue to create the little dresses.

Two things to consider if doing something like this again:
  • use card stock for the details, not paper
  • keep glue goobers off the fingers, or they end up on the cards!

We have our one-year anniversary coming up!
Still crazy in love with you, Arling. (I'm Weetie. Now how sappy is that? :::Dopey grin:::)

Here are a couple of water color doodles based on the stormy skies here. I think that subject can be explored to infinity. Just alone switching brushes proofs different results. One of these will go out into the mail for a handmade postcard swap. I will get back to exploring the skies when I catch up on projects. I have been refraining from signing up for more over at nervousness.org. Ah, but it is so much fun! All those great ideas!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The fire sea

Here is a couple of pictures from the imaginary land of.... inside my head!

the cinnamon desert

Saturday, May 20, 2006

sky, again

Today, at about 4:30 in the afternoon. It just amazes me... looks different every hour, sometimes every minute!

Julie Andrews! Julie Andrews!

I've been enjoying Victor/Victoria on cable... what a fabulous movie and wonderful cast that was. Some of them already gone from us... Robert Preston.

Julie Andrews... my hero! This movie never fails to make me laugh, and yes! sing along.

Good things about living in the South

I love Saturdays! Saturdays are yardsale days.I love the hunt! Especially for church yard sales! I wasn't planning on hunting today, but on my way home from the dollar store (another good thing!) I saw the sign for YARD SALE pointing to the "Rock Of Life" church. (that's a list for another day -- names of churches around here) They were just closing it up, but let me have a peek at what was left. And because they all wanted to go home, they let me have three oak side tables and a matching coffee table (on wheels!) for $25. In good condition -- needs a washing, but otherwise just fine for our basement den. Everyone helped me load this all up in my tiny Hyndai accent -- leave it to the women to figure out how it could all fit -- and I rambled up the hill and made it home ok.
:::laughing at self::: I'm soooo frugal....
You could outfit your home with things that people leave by the side of the road here, and not do too badly. I'm looking for a nice couch.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I went to Aaron's highschool graduation today. A sweet slice of someone elses' life. I'm not part of the family as such, it felt like being on the outside, looking in. It makes me be quiet and still, and that keeps me even more on the outside.
I kept thinking: "I just want to be home, just home.." But what does that mean?
Seattle? Our house? Germany? Home is where you hang your heart, I believe. Today it was hard to remember what makes me feel safe.

I'm having an off-day... woke up with a head ache, didn't sleep enough, seems that follows me all day, and zaps creative energy. Tried to go back to sleep, but puppy won't let me. She is rather playful today.
I'm working on an art doll atc swap... jointed dolls are puzzy when you work that small.

This paper doll is about three inches tall. Still in progress.

::posting:::posting::: is this thing on???

That's last nights' fabulous sky over my house!
It's going to take me a little while to figure out how to navigate this.
Isn't modern technology wonderful?

<--- that's me!

It's a Blog!!!!

Well -- here it goes!
A blog for art thoughts, and art, and artists and projects and musings about art and my little life -- enjoy!
Ready, set, launch! ::pushing the button:::