Wednesday, August 29, 2007

someones' little nest

I found this under the pine tree in the yard today.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The girls

These are my other two canine friends (besides my beloved Fiona!)
The brown one is named Ashley, and has sort of a home -- she is outside all the time, and runs loose, but she gets fed regularly, has her shots and is spayed. She visits with lots of people in the neighborhood.
She is a sweet heart and Fiona's best friend.
The little chihuahua is named "Diamond" and belongs next door. But she is not so well taken care of. She is skinny and has a bad leg that's not been seen to, she often seems hungry and just wants to be a lap dog and be loved. When I put Fiona out in the morning to do her business and play a little before I go to work, Diamond takes the opportunity to scamper inside, give me a lick, swat the cat, and hide under the couch. She sooo wants to be a part of our family. We have asked to buy her from the neighbor, but she was not very receptable, and thinks that she takes good care of the dog. Breaks my heart. Now I just wait -- I guess if we are meant to have her, the neighbor will come to her senses.
Meanwhile, I get lots of doggie hugs and kisses. When I turn into the drive way after work, I usually see two little sets of ears peaking out of the grass, and when they realize it's me, they come running for ear rubs and belly scratching, and the occasional treat.
Give your pets some extra lovies today!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

thought memory

"you will dive back down into the dark deep of the water. You might be at the surface playing for a while with the light, but you belong in the deep were people like us dwell."
Someone said to me once, about depression and relationship.
Oh, I so want the light...