Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

... It is 3:30 am, and I can't sleep. That's highly unusual for me. Why???? You may ask? I certainly wondered. I had no orange juice on hand, but had these low carb fruit juice drinks that I like to drink. So I drank about 5 during the afternoon and evening -- only realizing about midnight that they had an energy booster in it! So, Zing! Out of bed, back to bed, out of bed, pace, to the potty, back to bed, doodle, listen to radio, read,repeat. I will try the TV next. That usually works.
Here are some of the doodles I doodled:

I like this one. Sometimes interesting stuff comes out with random intuitive doodling. I think I'll call it "Hag". I may use it in one of the decos I'm working on.

This one may have potential for that same project too. Lately I have been using bold frenzied strokes, especially apparent here.

And guess who can snooze any old time? Fiona. Only time I can actually attempt to draw her, because she doesn't move!

And here is what not to drink five bottles of:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Journal page

This is a journal doodle drawn on what it feels like to have a fever. Hot bands of red holding the body captive, surroundings are fiery hot.

I'm home in bed, sick again (or still) with a raspy cough and wheezing, neatly summed up under the nebulous title "URI" at the doctors. Another shot of antibiotics in the tushi, and more horse pills to swallow. Sigh.
Send orange juice.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We have a rather bizarre cat. She LOVES the bathroom! It is her personal domain. She likes to play in the bath tub, sits on the toilet like it was a throne, or takes a swim in the bowl, if we fail to close the lid. She likes to sit on the heater vent, and poke her little head out the door. When it is occupied, you can be sure that a little paw will reach underneath the door, fishing for the pants around your ankles. Today you can observe her lounging in the sink.
I wonder sometimes if she knows she's a cat.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Sky

These are pictures taken yesterday afternoon in the play yard at work. A lovely blue sky, with a wintry sun shining, and a cool wind breezing. Just cold enough to wear a jacket. And there... the moon!

And yet, and yet
This very wind, the winter birds
The glory of the soft sunset,
Come there to me in words.
Claude McKay

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Strep throat!!

That's what I got! Fever, roaring head, whole body aches, can't swallow, tongue looks white as a sheet -- quite miserable.
I made it to urgent care yesterday -- I was first in line! Got a huge ol' shot of antibiotics in my tuckus and some horse pills to take and a shot glass of liquid Motrin that tasted like manna from heaven and acted like it too. Bed is sanctuary and I'm resting and dozing and listening to book on tapes and making brief ventures out of the bed to sit up a bit. Doggy has hardly left my side and Sweetie has been fluttering about making sure that I drink lots of fluid and eat something. I'm lucky to have them.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Across the big pond, part 4

My camera really did not do it's usual fine job -- maybe it is time for a new one soon. I didn't get very many good pictures.
I visited my very favorite aunt Christa. She has the most beautiful, calming place. I called it "Oasis Christa". And it is. Peaceful, tranquil, regenerating. I always enjoy my visits there tremendously. Here is the view from her balcony:

Across the big pond, part 3

Here you can see the Bergmannskapelle give it their all for their annual Christmas concert. They had a blast, and so did the audience. Unfortunately, I had trouble with my camera, but you get the idea. Hurray for music in all it's forms and efforts!! :)

Across the big pond, part 2

We spend a wonderful afternoon at the Christmas Market in Freiburg. The sights and sounds and smells spelled only one thing: Weihnachten!

This is a detail of a life size, hand carved wooden nativity scene.

And here you can see ol' Santa taking a spin on the Merry-Go-Round.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Across the big pond

Papa asked me to spend Christmas with him. Well, when your Papa asks -- what else can you say but yes?
I left on December 18th from Knoxville at 11:00 in the morning and arrived the next day at 11:00am in Germany. I kept telling friends that I had to take a plane, a train, a bus and a donkey to get to my home town. Most people here said wide eyed: "Really?" and believed the part about the donkey, much to my amusement. Little did I know that I was not that far from the truth. Papa met me in Frankfurt at the airport, with tickets for the bullet train in hand. We had a little time before the train left, so we had a bite to eat. Ahhhh -- German Wienerle! Beats hot dogs hands down any time. Anyhow, we got on the train, I've forgotten how pleasant riding the rail system can be, made it to Freiburg in a couple of hours, where we had to wait for the regional train. Of course we had a beer while we waited. I had been traveling for a long while by then and was pretty tired and punchy. We got on the regional train, when Papa remarked "I left my bicycle at the train station!" Oh-oh.
I knew what that meant! There would be no bus ride home. We would have to walk with my hefty suit case, back pack and bicycle from the train station to home. It's a good mile and a half. So we arrived in my home town, Papa hefts my 50 Kilo suit case onto his bicycle and proceeds to push the bike (aka the steel donkey!) along. The weight gave him momentum and he clips along at a pretty good pace, me in tow with my back pack on wheels, and an ever widening gap between him and me. And it was bitter cold, and I was not exactly dressed for a trek like that. We arrived about a half hour later at Papa's place, me huffing and puffing, and shaking my head. That's my Papa! Heavens forbid he would ask someone for a ride!
But when we got there, there was a nice hot cup of tea for me and a "chraettimann" waiting. Papa had not forgotten how much I liked this local Christmas treat, a slightly sweet bread that you can only get at Christmastime. Made me smile all over. My Papa!